Rice (Oryza sativa) is the second largest cereal crop and is a staple food in all areas of Asia. Unlike wheat, which is generally raised on large farms and harvested mechanically, rice is usually grown on small paddies and harvested by hand. Cultivation methods have changed little over the centuries; the paddies are inundated with water, usually up to about 15 cm (6 inches), then drained and dried just before harvest. Most rice is milled for direct local consumption. Other products in which rice is used are breakfast cereals and such alcoholic beverages as Japanese sake.

We, Lexem India, are well known exporter of Basmati Rice, and Non-Basmati Rice from India, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Surname South America. Our Services are widely appreciated by worldwide clients for their effective procurement cost and solutions provided.

Basmati rice is a kind of long-grain rice. It is known for its fragrance and its flavor. Cooked Basmati rice can be uniquely identified by its fragrance and non sticky.

We are a proud Rice Exporter from India, offering Traditional Basmati Rice, 1121, 1509, 1401, Pusa etc (With different process like Steam, White Sella, Golden Sella)

Any rice other than Basmati Rice is named as Non- Basmati rice. In the world it has been reported that there are 10000 varieties of rice and out of which the maximum number are in India. There are even varieties from normal sold White and Parboiled rice like Thai Rice, Indian Rice named IR, Calrose from USA and some other varieties from China and Vietnam. These rice mostly sticky with no proper fragrance. But there are some special varieties too from Thai and India having natural fragrance and other features.

Non-Basmati Rice IR 64, IR36, IR8, Swarna (Parboiled, White, Silky, Sella), Sona Mansuri many other varieties. We have Japonica Rice (Sushi) from Vietnam and many more varieties from the world.

 We have many Rice millers who have adopted blend of modern & traditional rice processing techniques to process and serve the high quality rice grains to customers. Further, it is the high nutritional content, pleasing aroma, purity and longer shelf life of our rice which makes it stay in continuous demands.

We have advance in house logistics facilities so, that we can reduce the procurement cost and offer Rice without damaging its natural properties at the best market rate.