Products & Services

As Lexem We originate, analyse, store and transport. Lexem India have a wide range of products with their team specialized in different segments from Agro Commodities which include mostly non perishable products like Cereals, Spices, Sugar, Metals & Minerals that include different Metals in Raw form to Minerals in for of Lumps/Ore/Concentrate, Petroleum include Crude Oils to finished Product Light Fuels to Heavy Fuels, Pharmaceuticals division work to export different Pharmaceutical products as merchant trader with customized packaging and export.



We are not your average product handling company or dealer. We offer much more than that.

Competitive Pricing

Our risk management program allows us to be cash price neutral and in the market for all delivery periods. We can help you lock in profitable values no matter when the delivery period. Lexem offers many contracting options and can customize them to meet your needs.

Exceptional Service

Our biggest difference is flexibility. In our local markets, we are able to give our producers the option of farm pick up, or delivering into one of our facilities, or to one of our end users.

Supply Chain Management

Through our freight strategy, we combine the most efficient and cost effective means of transportation along with shipments from our own inventory to ensure the delivery of commodities on-time, whenever our customer requires it.

Risk Management

As markets become more and more volatile, it is essential to manage margins and ensure profitability for your business. Markets are ever changing and profitable values can come and go quickly. Our expertise in risk management allows us to be a market player and allow you to take advantage of profitable opportunities to buy or sell cash commodities. Our team of risk management experts utilize all derivatives, including over-the-counter and exchange traded to match your business needs.