Our Team

Our team members pursue diverse interests as they seek to make a difference, whether it’s in their hometown or a world away. They also work every day to build businesses that deliver better nutrition for better lives.

Our trading department is headed by Mr. Bharat lal Aggarwal, who is also the Director of Lexem India Private Limited
Bharat graduated from the Kurukshetra University Khurukshetra with a BCA Honours degree. He has been and involved in the grain trade since 2010 and has extensive experience of trading grains from India/USA/Canada/Brazil/Russia.

Since Sept 01, 2014 Sr Trader and Director of Lexem India Pvt Ltd
Email: md@lexem.in 

Mr.Sreekanth Well known as Shakti received a Bachelor of Business degree from Pondicherry University. He worked briefly with Tech.Mahindra and DXC before starting business. He as one of the two promoters for Lexem India.Pvt.Ltd  has versioned to scale up Trade industries with high level of Networking and Sales Strategies’ in the emerging business era of Global Markets. “

Cell:  +91 9885111400                 Email: sales@lexem.in

joined Lexem India Private Limited in July 2015 as Head of Finance & Accounts. 

Cell:  +91 9871679988                 Email: sales@lexem.in

Mr. Singh Well known as Sonu Ji Mechanical graduate from IIT, joined Lexem India Private Limited in July 2016 in Department Sourcing. 

Cell:  +91 9885111400                 Email: procurement@lexem.in