About Us

As a trading partner, We are focused on empowering our indicator for success is not our revenue, but our clients — their satisfaction, their impact. Our growth means that we’ll be able to help more profits achieve to their missions than ever before. And as we grow, we continue to update our product and release new features every month to ensure we’re offering the most innovative and impactful Business solution for your profits.

Growing is exciting, and we’re looking forward to doing it together.

Commodity We Trade

Lexem is a full-service trading company handling Agro, Metals & Minerals, Petrochemicals and other products from origination and marketing to financing and logistics..

Commodity Trading Services

We provide a wide range of commodities to world markets. Our networks and services enable us to maintain a strong position in the trading market and provide the best prices and services to our customers.


Adopt latest technologies in all of the business verticals. Encourage innovation, professional integrity, up gradation of knowledge and skills of employees and a safe working environment to deliver superior value to our customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

Our Vision

To be a multi vertical diversified world-class enterprise we committed to quality, timely completion, customer satisfaction, continuous learning and enhancement of stakeholders value with a clear focus on each of the businesses.

Our Values

Openness, trust, integrity, reliability, teamwork, collaboration, commitment and creativity’s are our core values

Our strength


We have the capability of value-creation with strategic approaches to reach the best solutions for customers.


While we draft plans after conducting simulations to assess potential risks, we also take a variety of countermeasures to handle unforeseen issues in order to ensure our customers' business continues running smoothly.


Well-disciplined people with a diversity of experience are ready to fulfill customer needs

Our team

Bharat lal Aggarwal


An imaginative and ambitious professional, Possessing leadership skill, passion, integrity and drive required to make thing happen. On the top having the gravitas and charisma needed to quickly win the respect and trust. Having a comprehensive understanding of operations, logistics methodologies, trade finance and international trade.

Shreekanth Shakti


Mr. Sreekanth Well known as Shakti received a Bachelor of Business degree from Pondicherry University. He worked briefly with Tech.Mahindra and DXC before starting business. He as one of the two promoters for Lexem India.Pvt.Ltd  has versioned to scale up Trade industries with high level of Networking and Sales Strategies’ in the emerging business era of Global Markets. “