As our services signify, we relate our service offerings to time critical service delivery. Service Delivery lessons, learned over a decade, proven processes and the ever opened windows of learning and with the out stretched hands of extending value relationships built on the quality of services delivered repeatedly makes us most sort after in the business space of Mining, Chemicals, Petrochemical and Food Grains Trade, across our clients spectrum globally. We bring with us rich experience in gigantic customer base, unfamiliar deliverables, new age technology expertise, market foresights, a refreshing approach and with highest standards of quality, which has always been the fulcrum of our activities. Lexem India is a global services provider, that include comprehensive Export and Trading of minerals, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Food Grain Management Our expertise and knowledge acquired over years developing supporting global clientele, executing large projects is a corresponding mix of project management, business process analysis and market based supply management....


Lexem India has always been driven by the ideas of change, in developing of intellectual partnerships, formulating solutions for business success, in leading the new concept of transforming the societies we live in.


Lexem India is an integrated corporate house with a strategic emphasis on promoting most modern mining, chemicals, petrochemicals and Food grains facilities across the Indian subcontinent.


Standing firm on the pillars of its Vision driven by people's needs, proficient Management teams backed by rich domain experience acquired over decades of successful projects execution and supported with the modern equipments to execute most challenging assignments ever taken on.


Our strength lies in our core values we believe in Delivering on our commitments. Taking on and delivering environmental and people friendly projects on time, adoring to the most stringent quality standards, positively impacting and improving the quality of life of the stake holders and the people associated.