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About us

Who we are

Lexem, a global company established in 2014, provides Product Sourcing solutions, Consulting and Information Technology services to top-tier companies, start-ups, leading universities and government entities worldwide. Lexme’s strong focus on offering exceptional engineering value to Industry verticals, such as Metal & Recycling, Smart Energy, and Public Sector, has helped many of the world's top companies with their end-to-end technology and consulting services. The company fosters continuous innovation by aligning its R&D initiatives around key emerging trends and technologies.

Lexem has offices in the US, Canada, Malaysia, and India, and continue to grow.

Lexem India will use all available means to achieve these objectives, including further efforts to reduce costs, operating efficiency increases, improvement of product and service quality, and application of the latest technologies.

Why choose us

  • Always know how much of your money is at risk. Consider the the worst possible scenario and be certain that your exposure to loss is never more than you can afford to lose.

  • Establish a profit target for each trade. Be certain that seeking the reward is worth the risk.
  • Trade within your comfort zone, and earn Trust.
  • more than 4000 satisfied clients and partners.